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Bio-Acoustics & Flow Laboratory Team

We currently have an applied acoustics team consisting of chemists, battery engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, materials scientists, mathematicians, and fish biologists. This multi-disciplinary team permits us to address acoustic technology problems across the range from basic material properties of acoustic system elements to propagation modeling. Our projects include the development of injectable acoustic microtransmitters for juvenile salmon (USACE), Sensor Fish Redesign to Support Advanced Hydropower Development (DOE EERE), and the development of Marine Mammal Alert System (DOE EERE). We also provide basic support to the Corps of Engineers by performing acceptance testing of acoustic instruments they competitively procure from manufacturers before they are used in sensitive measurement applications. Our basic support function extends to thorough system calibration checks and troubleshooting for the many active and passive acoustic instruments used for projects conducted by the laboratory. We also have extensive experience in flow measurements both in the laboratory and field environments.

Bio-Acoustics & Flow Laboratory