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Research Areas

The following is an overview of BFL's research areas.

  • Environmental monitoring and risk assessment for conventional hydropower and marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy systems
  • Bio-acoustics
  • Miniaturized fish tags
  • Autonomous sensor fish (i.e., sensor platforms that pass through hydroelectric dams, including the turbines)
  • Marine mammal detection, classification, and localization using passive and active acoustic systems
  • Advanced experimental diagnostics and instrumentation relevant to and numerical modeling relevant to ecological engineering, fishery engineering, environmental fluid mechanics, and hydraulic structures
  • Laboratory, field, and computational studies of biological response of fish in hydraulic environment
  • Experimental fluid mechanics, turbulence, and laser velocimetry (PIV, LDV and ADV)
  • Underwater acoustics and acoustic telemetry.

Bio-Acoustics & Flow Laboratory